What Does a Pediatrician Do?

We all have responsibilities and these are ones which make us disciplined. If there were no duties then there would have been no economy, no progress in the world and nothing. You must be thinking that how the world progression has anything to do with responsibility. For this, we have come up with an example, let us say that if you have elected a president and he or she does not performs his or her duty and what do you think your country will land, right in the heart of destruction and different countries taking advantage of your country.

The same things goes with your parents. If they didn’t took care of you with responsibility, then you would not have been reading this today because you might have ended up some place bad, well, at least what happens in most cases and if doctor didn’t check you properly or you can say with responsibility, then you would get more sick. See how responsibility can change the world and speaking of doctor, if you are about to become a pediatrician in Sharjah or a gynecologist in Sharjah and you don’t know what are your duties, then we are here to guide you about your duties;

  1. The first thing you will be doing is checking the kids regularly and making sure that they are alright and they check the development on daily basis; physical development. And if the child is not doing good, they will make sure to give the proper treatment.
  2. The next thing you will be doing is checking the conditions of the admitted children and seeing the symptoms of their sickness. If it is decreasing, then it means then it means that they are making progress.
  3. The next thing you will be doing is checking the medical history of the new sick kids and do a full diagnoses. Because that will show that how the new sickness has developed and what is causing it to do so.
  4. The next thing you will be doing is prescribing the medicines to the kids and make sure that the parents understand that at what time they will be giving the medicines and at what dosage.
  5. The next thing that you will have to do is treat the wounds of the kids that arrive at the hospital or clinic and ask about the incidents that had occurred.