Facts About Dogs Health

Dogs are human’s best friend and that is also why people adore that dogs. Some people have even kept their dogs like their kids and they give up everything for their furry little friend. There was a social experiment done and shown on social media and it got a million hits and that was a that suited booted guy carry a bag of cash went into the dog park and said that they would give them 10,000 dollars if they give them their dog forever. And out of 8 people 10 people said that they would never give their dog away even if the person increased the number to a million dollars. So, you can see how a dog is dear to a person and the family. If you have a dog and you want to know all about it because you love your dog, then this is the post that your search stops because here, we have to tell you about the amazing facts about dogs health;

  1. You must have seen the dalmatian puppies, they are so cute and adorable even though they have black unusual patches on them, still they look cute with their goo goo eyes. But did you know that these patches come after they are getting bigger? Shocked to hear right? But this is a fact that when the dalmatian puppies are born, they are born pure white and when they get bigger you will start to see different spots on them and there is a very famous dalmatian dog that has patches in the shape of a heart on its back.
  2. Some people are scared of dogs because they have very scary set of teeth. But they are used to eat only and did you know that there are 42 teeth inside a dog’s mouth. There are small and big teeth which are used to chew all kinds of food. Did you know that just like children, dogs also lose their teeth and they grow up back again? But that happens very fast and seldom people know about it and these facts are discovered by animal experts.
  3. The heart of a dog is pure and that is why the heart of dog beats more than 70 beats per minute and if a dog is running, its heart beats 120 beats per minute.