Diseases treated by a dermatologist

A dermatologist is a specialized health care professional who had done specialization in treating all kind of skin ailments including acne, eczema, itching and much more. On the same side he also treat different other conditions which are related to nails and hairs like ingrown toe nails or baldness. Although you will find several remedies on internet that will help you in alleviating the symptoms of your skin conditions but there is a point when all these remedies stop showing their action and consulting a professional dermatologist is the only best option left.

In case of any complicated condition, skin related general surgery in Dubai is also quite common and you will find several options regarding the best dermatologist Dubai who could perform this task with great responsibility and professionalism. But make sure that you are verifying all the primary elements before consulting any dermatologist like authenticity of his qualification, reviews about his reputation, experience and much more. Read the following article to know about some very common diseases treated by a dermatologist.


Well, this skin condition is quite common and almost every woman faces it once in her lifetime due to any reason like hormonal imbalance, inheritance, stress, polluted environment etc. You will come across multiple remedies to treat acne but consulting a dermatologist is the most appropriate option in order to handle this condition in the best possible way. Your dermatologist will prescribe some very beneficial ointments, creams or lotions along with the suitable medicines to alleviate acne completely.


Another very common issue faced by every women at a particular age is aging. In this condition you skin becomes saggy along with wrinkles. Sun spots and scarring are also very prominent in this condition. Obviously this is a natural process because skin looses its normal integrity with the passing time but appropriate treatment with a dermatologist can slow down this process and could alleviate the signs as well.

Fungal diseases

Athlete’s foot, ringworm and yeast infections are the most common fungal diseases which are quite uncomfortable and painful. There could be different reasons behind such kind of conditions but a dermatologist is the only person who could treat them in the best possible way. Fungal diseases cause redness and itching of that particular part which is quite uncomfortable and the worst part is oozing. A dermatologist will give the best suitable treatment to minimize all these symptoms.