Kids arts that can be displayed

When we talk about activities for kids in Dubai so now days their main activity is to play games on the phone or watch cartoons all day but these activities are not healthy for them. In order to keep kids healthy parents need to give them opportunities to learn through play and be active within the house and out too. You can make them learn how to play volleyball or if they are small you can make them engage in some activities in which they will create art works and then you can display these art works to appreciate them. Here are a few suggestions:

Collage making: It is the easiest way of creating a new art’s master piece as there is no accuracy needed in that. You just need to collect a few different objects or shapes which your kids like or you can ask your kids to cut a shape or use their old papers or things to make a collage. After gathering all the things you need to have strong glue and a canvas or cardboard on which you can display that. Discuss the idea of your collage and set your kid free to paste anything at any place where they like it. In this way they will start feeling independent and take their own decision. It will help them in learning new things. Decorate that after completion to appreciate their effort.

Window art: Most of the parents do not like this idea but it is an amazing thing to make kids learn about colors and light. In this game there are some sheets are needed which should be colorful and a bit transparent and you need water. Make small pieces of these sheets but make sure that they should not be too small. Cut in different shapes so that kids can learn about shapes too. Leave the shapes to kids and ask them to wet them a little with water and then paste on the window glass. You can tell the shapes names when they pick a shape so that they will learn about it. These are easily removable because of using water instead of glue so no need to worry about the glass. You just need to clean that with cloth and no mess will be there but your kid will enjoy this very much.