Facts About Audi

Who does not like luxury vehicles! They are everything to die for, well, die is a heavy word but in terms of loving it. They are luxury of course, but when you get to ride it, you become the whole talk of the town.

Even though some say that it is a show off but we say when you have it, why it is the matter in it for not flaunting it. If you are a kind of person who wants to be the most wanted person, only who has a wow car, then we suggest that you must look into Audi.

Who does not know Audi but the ones who do not know, we are here to tell you about it. The full name of Audi is Audi AG and it is a Germany based company that manufactures, engineers, designs and distributes their luxury cars across the world.

Audi is a part of Volkswagen Group and its basis are in Ingolstadt. The founder of this company is August Horch and it was founded in 29th June, 1932 and its headquarters is in Zwickau. Its revenue in 2019 was 55.68 billion euros that was much more than Porsche, BMW and even Mercedes. If you are about to buy one then you must know some facts about Volkswagen Dubai service, Audi service center in Dubai and some basic facts about this car, keep reading to know more;

  1. Did you ever wonder that how Audi got its name? Well, it was suggested by Franz son, Franz was a good friend of August Horch and before his son could suggest, August was thinking to name it Horch and, in Latin, Audi means to hear.
  2. There is a whole ball game behind logos of the big brands and here, the Audi’s four rings represent the four auto union comanpies;
  3. Audi
  4. Horch
  5. DKW
  6. Wanderer
  7. There are countries that have left hand drive and right hand drive but before any hand, there was only right hand drive and Audi was the only one that introduced the left hand drive car for lefties only.
  8. Audi is not only a luxury car but it is a very fast car as well and it is mostly preferred by the top racers of the world. And that is why in 1938, Audi broke the all time speed record of Mercedes.