Duties of a Safety Officer

Every job has some kind of responsibilities and that is why it is called a job. There is no job that does not have any kind of work to do. You will be encountering many kinds of recruiters who say that you don’t have to do much and just sit in front of a laptop and you will be making money.

But the fact is that those people are the one who make money. They usually will ask you to click on an ad and watch it for 30 secs and then click on the next that pops out. They are making the traffic increase on different sites.

In a kind of legal way, and they get hundreds and thousands of dollars from it but they pay in pennies to you. Even though watching an ad for some secs is easy but it is still a duty. So, what we mean to say that every job has its own kinds of duties that they have to do otherwise the meaning of the job does not complete in anyway.

If you are about to become one of the best ISO certification consultants in UAE or you are about to become a trainer of certified safety professional training in UAE, but you don’t know about your job description and other things then we suggest that you read the following post, because here, you will read about the duties that you have to do in daily basis;

  1. The first thing you have to do is take a round of the whole office or building and check for all kinds of valves and necessary things that if left open or not given attention can cause a lot of destruction.
  2. The next thing you have to do is make sure that all the workers are working in a safe way. For example, you are working as a safety officer on a construction site, then it is your job to see that the harness is tightly closed or not, have the labor worn a helmet and all the safety gears, are the stay away signs right on the spot on the road? There are many other things that will be like this.
  3. If there are any accidents, it will be your job to find out how the accident happened and what are the steps to be taken to prevent it in the future?