Birthday celebrations – How to celebrate birthdays on a budget

Birthdays are important event in people’s life. They get to celebrate the fact that they made it to another year and also that it is a new beginning to another year. Some people want to get surprises on their big day and other want it private. They do not want to be the center of attention so they celebrate their day alone or in company of really close friends and family. Some people like big extravagant birthdays and some get happy with one a cup cake with a small candle and their loved ones by their side. It all depends on people how they want to celebrate their day and others should always respect their choices because it is their big day after all which only comes once a year!

If you are someone with a big social circle then you must have experience those days when you do not have a penny left after your birthday because you spent everything in your birthday party or even if you didn’t then your friends ask for treats and leave you with no money! Well, for future, it’s time that you manage your expenses accordingly and only spend a fixed amount in your birthday celebrations. First you need to understand that you will have to make a monthly budget and stick to it your whole month and save some part of your money on a monthly basis so when you have to organize an event you do not have to ask someone else to lend you money. You can save your money and organize a party yourself and do it in a way that would not leave you bankrupt. If you are from Dubai, then you can rent birthday supplies in Dubai and save a lot of money. There are so many flower shop in Dubai where you can go and even buy flower decorations on your birthday or you can buy flowers online in Dubai in really reasonable rates.

People who celebrate birthdays privately not only saves a lot of their own money but also of their friends by not making them buy expensive gifts. These people would prefer simple things to be gifted to them because they also go for simple things when gifting others. It is very easy to surprise these people because they just want small celebration and keep it personal and intimate.